Electric Warming Tray
Electric Warming Tray
Electric Warming Tray
Electric Warming Tray
Electric Warming Tray
Electric Warming Tray
Electric Warming Tray
Electric Warming Tray

Electric Warming Tray

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Color Black
Material Glass
Brand Hudetex
Product Dimensions 22"L x 14"W x 0.9"H

  • Family Food Warmer: 22" x 14" surface tempered glass holds multiple dishes at once and looks great on any countertop, table or buffet, perfect for hot plates for family dinners, Sunday soccer gatherings, holiday potlucks, or other large gathering events.
  • Dual-level Temperature Control (80℃/120℃):Provides continuous heat to keep food warm and delicious for hours.Simply activate the warming tray at the touch of a button and place your dishes on it.High and low temperature control, just choose the temperature setting according to your need. Don't worry about overheating, the fuse safety feature prevents the electric warming plate from overheating so you can use it safely with confidence.
  • Stylish and Slim Body Design: Hudetex customizes a lightweight, beautiful and easy-to-store food warming tray for you. The design of the black tempered glass on the top looks beautiful on any table or buffet, while being easy to clean, waterproof, leak-proof, wear-resistant and heat-resistant.
  • Intimate 2cm Anti-scald Design on the Edge: Hudetex considers that the outer edge of the insulation plate is easy to touch, and specially tailors the outer 2cm area not to heat for customers, preventing family members from being burned by high temperatures, and making people feel more at ease when using it.
  • Energy Saving & Support: The electric plate warmer uses low-power, efficient, high-power heating elements that are safe and 0-radiation safe to use with any heat-resistant cookware. 300 watts, compatible with 110V outlets.CETL certified with advanced safety technology for long lasting durability and backed by Hudetex's 1 year warranty for a worry free purchase - we've got your back.

warming tray

Reasons to Choose Hudetex Warming Tray

✔FAST FULL-SURFACE HEATING: Our warming tray have a larger heating area with carefully arranged extensive heating wires to ensure even, fast heating. Place your dishes freely and heat up your dishes easily.

✔Excellent energy saving and environmental protection technology: This warming tray not only keeps you warm but also saves energy! Consuming only 1 degree for 6-8 hours of use, it's a smart choice for your meals and the environment.

✔Slim, portable and easy to store: for compact and portable storage, minimizing storage space.

✔PREMIUM TEMPERED GLASS PANEL MATERIAL: Embodies the superior performance of tempered glass. The panel has been carefully selected for its durability and resistance to dirt and oil.

✔Extremely fast heating: No waiting - our warming tray heats up in just 10 seconds, ensuring your dishes stay warm and tantalizing.

✔SECONDARY TEMPERATURE CONTROL: Enjoy the convenience of a two-speed temperature setting to perfectly heat up and keep warm, making your dining experience more enjoyable.

✔FOR ALL CUTLERY: Designed for universal compatibility, our warming tray fits a wide range of cutlery and adapts easily to different settings.

✔SUITABLE FOR ALL PARTIES: Enhance your party atmosphere with this warming tray, perfect for all occasions and scenarios.

✔THOUGHTFUL DETAILS: with ultra-thin panels, anti-scald edge protection, and a 2.3m detachable power cord for a wide range of uses, every detail has been considered for your comfort and convenience.

warming tray

Electric Warming Tray

warming tray

Electric Warming Tray

Electric Warming Tray

Slim Design

  • Latest popular design elements
  • Fashionable and beautiful
  • Lightweight and easy to store

High Quality Tempered Glass Panel

  • Waterproof and leakproof
  • Smooth and easy to clean
  • High temperature and scratch resistant

Hidden Two-position Switch

  • Avoid accidental touch
  • High and low temperature -80℃/120℃

Anti-slip base + Eat Dissipation Structure

  • Stand steadily on the desktop
  • Extended service life