Stone Bath Mat
Stone Bath Mat
Stone Bath Mat
Stone Bath Mat
Stone Bath Mat
Stone Bath Mat
Stone Bath Mat
Stone Bath Mat

Stone Bath Mat

Experience a fresh, clean bathroom daily
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Material Diatomaceous Earth, Polyester
Color Light Grey
Size 23.6" L x 15.3" W
Item Weight 4.85 Pounds

  • Experience a fresh, clean bathroom daily: With our Stone Shower Mat, you can enjoy the benefits of fast-drying and absorbing properties that keep your bathroom clean and fresh all the time.
  • Stay Safe and Comfortable: Prevent slips and falls at bay due to the slip-resistant surface on our Diatomite Stone Bath Mat. Non-slip pad under this stone mat make its extra stabilization.
  • Easy To Clean & Durable: The crushed stone bath mat is made from natural diatomaceous earth that is strong, scratch-resistant, and long-lasting. To clean, just simply raise or wipe with a wet cloth.
  • Beautify your bathroom: Our diatomaceous bath mat enhances the appearance of your bathroom, matches a wide range from minimalist to extravagant decor and creates a relaxing, spa-like atmosphere.
  • Multifunctional, Versatile As Stone Dish Drying Mat: It can converts into a drying stone for kitchen counter mat, an ideal floor mat or pet mat. Provide you long-lasting value and flexibility to use.
  • The anti-warp design makes it last longer: The new design makes this bathroom mat stone not crack over time or get warped like other Stone Bath Mat, making the product's life longer.
  • Saving time & Effort in Cleaning: Gone are the days of time-consuming washing and maintenance. Our Diatomite Bath Mat is easy to clean with a simple rinse or wipe, thus saving you time, effort.

Diatomaceous Earth Stone Mat

MophonicHome Stone Bath Mat

Experience a fresh, clean bathroom every day

Keep Your Feet Dry & Comfortable Post-Shower

Quick Dry Stone Bath Mat

Bathroom Decor

MophonicHome Quick Dry Diatomite Stone Bath Mat

Super Absorbent & Instant Dry

  • Dry wet feet completely in 2 seconds post-shower, keeping your feet cozy and dry after every shower.

Keep Your Bathroom Clean & Dry Post-Shower

  • Absorb water 5x faster than regular mats
  • Absorb 150% of water by its weight

Attractive Package for Gifts

The instant dry Stone Mat is the ideal present for important events:

  • Housewarming Gifts
  • Christmas Gifts
  • New Year Gifts
  • Bridal Shower Gifts
  • Engagement Gifts & more

Stone Bathroom Mat

Experience Instant Dryness

  • Say goodbye to soggy mats and damp discomfort.
  • Instant self-drying in 45 seconds
  • Keeping your bathroom floor dry all the time.

Stone Dish Drying Mat

Prioritize Safety and Comfort

  • Help prevents post-shower slips and falls , a non-slip pad included for extra layer of safety.
  • Protect your family, especially kids and elders, with its non-slip surface.
  • The mat is designed to be kind to your skin. It won't cause discomfort, or any skin-related issues.

Elevate Your Home & Bathroom

Bathroom Decor Mat

  • Add a touch of elegance to your bathroom décor, create a relaxing and spa-like atmosphere.
  • Enjoy exceptional comfort and long-lasting durability.

Diatomite Stone Bath Mat

4 reasons why customers love MophonicHome Stone Bath Mat

  • Absorbs 150% of water by its weight
  • Non Slip Surface made from natural diatomaceous earth which soak-up moisture
  • Easy to Clean by Sanding Paper. No laundry needed!
  • Anti-Warp Design make it last longer for more than 3 years. Make it as a great investment

Multifunctional & Beyond Bathroom

Stone Dish Drying Mat

Kitchen Mat

Stone Floor Mat

Stone Dish Drying Mat

Kitchen Mat

Floor Mat